Technical and Operational Support
  • Technical and Operational Support

Technical and Operational Support


Technical and Operational Support


For those who did not purchase directly from PNC Engineering or RigExpert USA direct, we offer you technical and operational support.  Our support comes in the form of Telephone, Email and RigExpert USA's live chat window. 

PNC Engineering is the only component level warranty and non warranty repair center in the United States. All of our RigExpertCare engineers are authorized and trained in hardware, software and operational aspects of the entire series of RigExpert Antenna Analyzers. Our Technical support team can help you with the following Technical and Operational issues:

  • Setting up your antenna analyzer.
  • Understanding the functions and features of your antenna analyzer.
  • Understanding Buttons and operations.
  • Making graph and static measurements.
  • Interpreting the Graph and static measurements.
  • Applying analyzer measurements to tuning an antenna.
  • Calibrating your antenna analyzer for feedpoint measurements.
  • Operating and interpreting the software program.

Support can be purchased in 1-hour increments.  1 unit purchased is equal to 1 hour of support.  This can be used across all of the available platforms (Telephone, Email and Live Chat Window) 

Telephone support time deducted by time spent on a phone call.

Email support time deducted by the time required to read and respond to a technical email.

Live Chat Window support time deducted by time spent on the live chat with an engineer.

You do not need to use your entire hour of support in one session.

All services are personalized to your needs. As you ask your questions, we provide the specific answers that apply.

All calls, emails and Live Chats are answered by a qualified RigExpertcare Engineer.

Technical and Operation Support
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